Broken Sound Club completed a facility enhancement, which included design and construction upgrades to the pool and bistro and the new addition of a 38,000 SF spa and fitness center.

This project received LEED Certification in March of 2015.

RGD’s team collaborated with the architect and facility managers to provide the design for the structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection systems.

As sustainability and green friendly designs were of the utmost importance, RGD selected HVAC and plumbing equipment that would help the facility meet the requirements set forth by the United States Green Building Department as well as made sure that the design itself was as efficient as possible.

The project received recognition from the following:

  • Audubon Sanctuary Certification
  • Certification from the Golf Environmental Organization
  • Environmental Protection Agency for Environmental Sustainability
  • Recognized on the state level by Florida EPA for the reduction and recycling of 90% of organic material.

The following consideration was used in creating a sustainable end product:


  • White reflective coating cools the building to reduce heat is-land effect
  • Energy efficient AC heating and cooling systems that capture warm air from the outside and recycles it to cool the entire building using non-toxic refrigerants


  • Partnerships with local supplies created to extract materials locally and support local businesses. Construction materials from recycled content were used to cut down on raw material.