Conversion and complete redesign of the existing Chop House for the 8,500 SF Novikov Bar and Grill.

Arkadiy Novikov, a well-known restaurateur from Moscow, opened his first U.S. eatery at the Met 1 in downtown Miami. Novikov Restaurant & Bar, is a pan-Asian concept with locations in London, Dubai, and Moscow. Novikov, owns more than 50 restaurants across Moscow and has worked as a caterer to Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin.

The new 8,500SF Miami location faces Biscayne Bay and includes a 250-seat dining room with a cocktail bar, sushi bar, private dining area and a chef’s table. There is also outdoor, waterfront seating. The restaurant features a seafood and vegetable display where customers can handpick ingredients for their meals.

Menus at similar Novikov restaurants follow an Asian theme with dishes rooted in Chinese, Malaysian, and Japanese cultures.