Our Principals

From our inception, RGD has never compromised on quality, attention to detail and integrity. We are honored to offer unparalleled engineering services in our industry. Our leadership team believes in providing an engaging office environment to facilitate our staff’s growth as professionals while offering hands-on customer service for our clients.

Robert Davenport

Co-CEO, Principal Engineer,

Mr. Robert Davenport has been designing engineering systems for over 45 years. As the Principal Engineer of RGD Consulting Engineers, Bob has the overall responsibility for the technical qualifications for the firm and overseeing the design and quality of our projects. He is often found on-site overseeing the construction of our designs or in the office mentoring other engineers. Bob is knowledgeable about national and state codes and standards including the Florida Energy Code. He excels at designing systems that meet or exceed the United States Green Building Council LEED standards.

Mary Davenport

Co–CEO, Fiscal Oversite,

After completing a successful career as the Vice President of Operations for a Nationally owned Home Health Care Agency, Mary Davenport joined the RGD full time. She received her MBA from the Pacific Northwestern University and began overseeing all fiscal and contractual responsibilities for the business. Along with managing all of the accounts receivables and contractual obligations for RGD, she is responsible for the day-to-day oversite of the administrative processes for the firm. From the beginning, Mary has helped manage the administrative side of the company allowing Bob the ability to focus completely on the technical side of the firm.

Nate Davenport


After completing a successful tour as a Naval Aviator in the US Navy, Mr. Nate Davenport joined the RGD team. He received his MBA from the University of Miami and began overseeing the Business Operations focusing on developing client relationships and company infrastructure. Along with developing these client relationships, he is responsible for the day-to-day leadership and general management of the company. Over the last decade, Nate has helped grow the company to multiple offices which has allowed us to build relationships with many Fortune 500 clients.

Mike Bishop

Vice President of Engineering

Mr. Michael Bishop has over 25 years of experience serving as a mechanical engineer and project manager. His ability to manage and pro-actively communicate with team members contributes to the success of each project with which he is involved. Mike offers company leadership in both our Jupiter and Orlando Offices as we work to provide the best hands on oversight our clients deserve. He is also passionate about engineering education and leads our mentorship for our engineers in the best design practices possible.

Journey begins
RGD Consulting Engineers incorporates and the journey begins.
New era
World Wide Web is launched and RGD moves out of the garage into our first rented space.
Early work
The First Five Years consists of high-end residential design, including work with Sea World in Orlando FL.
Mar-a Lago
RGD begins large scale historic renovation work on Mar-a-Lago for Trump and starts making a name in the MEP world.
RGD establishes itself as an expert in the issues of air balance and how it relates to poor indoor air quality. Adds other large name clients to the list of satisfied clients
Mike & Mary join RGD
Mike Bishop joins the team and the firm grows to two. Not long after Mary, Bob’s wife, joins the team and begins overseeing all fiscal and contractual responsibilities for the business.
Begins long term work at the Breakers Hotel
Begins work with Breakers Hotel and becomes the industry expert in Psychometrics and air balance requirements for buildings in humid coastal environments.
Nate joins the team
Nate Davenport joins the team as COO and manages day to day operations. We establish an electrical department and our engineering department grows in order to better service our client’s needs. RGD begins adding work around the state of Florida and the Caribbean.
RGD expands
RGD moves to its new and improved location and expands to 18 employees.
Structural Department
RGD expands to add the Structural Department to offer seamless design for our clients.
Steady growth adding in mixed use facilities and vertical build designs to our portfolio.
Opens additional location in Orlando to better service our clients in Central and North Florida.
RGD grows to 55 employees in multiple locations and continues to offer the same quality product we did when we first started.