Our Team

We believe that a successful project is rooted on the collaborative efforts of the project team alongside the owner/client. Our team is committed to working collaboratively with the owner/client to ensure each project meets the specified need.



Research & Design Development

In the design process, the site comes first. As we gather specific intelligence about the project, through team meetings and on-site exploration, we are able to coordinate the best plan to execute for our clients’ needs.

Construction Documentation and Administration

With three decades of experience and countless constructed projects, we appreciate the critical role that expertly executed construction documents play in the success of our client’s project. The relationship, trust and dialogue we establish with our client and development team allow us to successfully navigate each project through to completion. RGD has a highly qualified team of Construction Administration staff who work tirelessly on site to insure that RGD designs are implemented seamlessly in the field. This coordination insures better communication between our client, the owner and construction teams in the field.