RGD Consulting Engineers provided mechanical and electrical engineering for the latest renovation of the Seminole Gaming Casino in Immokalee Florida. The scope of work includes the relocation of the existing Tech Shop operations to a new stand-alone structure in the service area of the existing casino building, and the addition of 43 new gaming machines inside the existing casino building, expanding the total gaming floor area.

Technical Challenges include connection to the existing emergency power and UPS power distribution systems for gaming machine circuits, design of new, high capacity dedicated HVAC systems for the highly dense cooling loads incurred by the expanded slot machine area. New gaming floor lighting was designed in integrate into existing dimming control systems. Additionally, the HVAC systems are designed for a high volume of outside air for smoking environments. The mechanical and electrical systems are designed for installation without interruption to existing gaming operation. Additionally, due to the accelerated construction schedule, early equipment specifications were prepared by RGD for Owner-direct procurement of equipment prior to completion of construction documents and receipt of the building permit.