RGD Consulting Engineers provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and information communication technology systems engineering for the Blue Zone Medical Center, Miami, Fl.

The Project consists of a 9 story, 120,000 SF high rise building located in the Miami World Center, a mixed use development located in the Biscayne area of downtown Miami, Fl. Major program elements include an Ambulatory Surgical Center with four operating suites, an Imaging Center, a Sterile Processing Department, a Diagnostic Testing Center, a Wellness Center, dedicated exam room floors, a Lifestyle Medicine Clinic, an Acupuncture Center, Cryotherapy, a Compounding Pharmacy, an Aqua Therapy Center, and a Dining Theater. Floors one, three and eight serve as access points to an adjoining 65 story mixed use tower which provides 4 star resort hotel lodging, concierge services, residential condominium and office/workplaces serving as complimentary resources, creating a world class medical tourism center.

Engineering challenges include design of active smoke control systems consisting of floor by floor smoke control systems, stairwell pressurization systems and a smoke evacuation system for an elevated/internal, four story atrium. A 2.0 Megawatt emergency power generation plant is installed at the roof level which requires extensive fuel management systems consisting of street level fuel dispensing and transfer systems, fuel distribution systems and roof level fuel storage systems for the extended run time required by AHCA. Two 1.0 Megawatt diesel generators are paralleled to operate during extended power outages and inclement weather events. The HVAC system consists of a central chilled water system serving constant and variable volume air handling units equipped with N+1 redundancy required for AHCA compliance and to meet the user’s operational requirements. Other technical aspects include design of the HVAC systems serving the compounding pharmacy which maintains precise temperature, humidity, and pressure relationships between the various ante rooms, compounding and dispensing spaces as required by USP 797/800 engineering standards.

The information communication systems designed by RGD include voice/data systems, CCTV, access control, intercom, structured cabling medical equipment systems, CATV and DAS systems designed to BICSI engineering standards.