RGD created Mechanical and Electrical site design to support the new 7-story Center for Collaborative Research (CCR) at Nova Southeastern University.

RGD was brought on board the project to complete the mechanical/electrical site drawings. The civil engineer had only provided fire, sanitary and drainage for the site/building but did not provide certain aspects of the mechanical and electrical systems to support the building.

RGD designed the medium voltage electrical system that supplies power to CCR. In addition, RGD coordinated with the local power utility and NSU to integrate the system with the new building. RGD also provided the Fiber Optic design for the site, which will cover design from the nearest node to the building.

RGD designed the chilled water piping from the building to the central chiller plant which was roughly 1500 SF away from the building. RGD tied the new chilled water line into the central plant.

RGD brought the chilled water, electrical service and the fiber optic service to the building, which was than integrated into the facility by the building MEP engineer.