Originally constructed in the 1950s as an addition to a building which had grown many times. It was designed to service a multitude of purposes including a small stage, storage area and basketball area.

The space’s small dimensions, poor acoustical proportions and flat floors made converting it into a true performing arts space quite difficult. In addition the performing arts need the school needed space for multipurpose use.

The new Matthews Performing Arts Center has created a dynamic space for the school’s arts programs. The stage was further thrust into the seating area and uses extensive technology to make up for the low stage ceiling elevations.

Small storage spaces behind the state are now dressing rooms which connect to the remainder of the school and provide for the performers to enter and exist the stage from the rear.

The existing floor slab was removed and replaced with new sloped and flat floors. The rear half of the seating area features an additional 642 square feet with a flat floor ran pull out upholstered bleacher type seating. This seat can be separate from the main area by a movable partition that once the seating is closed provides a perfect dance studio room.